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Here is a History of all the changes made to CNCLINK. If version numbers are missing then this is because the versions were internal only and not on general release.
All dates are in UK format DD-MM-YY.

If you want the latest V4 development version before it's wrapped into a install package its here at your risk.

Version 5.0 / 5.1 Available on Download Page

Vista compatibility in standard comms mode.

Version 32.4.19b

Improvement - Better License management
Minor fix to ISO to Mazatrol conversion (T-3 only)
Fanuc LAN Confirmed compatibility with CNCLINK FTP Server
           (Highlighted the need for some extra features re filename extensions)
Fanuc Remote Module added features
File Date and Time added to Remote Directory
Directory requesting completed & Tested using N10X1234.001/2/3/4/5 etc
Partial Filename Search added (returns matching directory)
File or Path Not Found Remote Receipt Added
STOPPED message added for nodes that don't start comms (ie Bad port)
Variables added for remote receipts feature for Fanuc and Mazak modules.
Remote Mazatrol fully functional without any extra hardware (barcode scanners etc) except T-1/M-1.

Version 32.4.18b

23-05-05 Bug Fix - Remote Note Auto naming fix for filename as %.txt
17-05-05 WOW Great new Feature for Mazaks
               Send a EIA/ISO file through the CMT port (In Progress)
               T-2/T-3 only at present but ask about others

16-05-05 Mazak Expand T-2/T-3 EIA/Mazatrol detection sorted (Not yet released)
23-03-05 New feature - Heidenhain Protocol now FE1 or FE2 (old FE is FE2)
09-03-05 Translate function now caters for ^ Control characters.
24-01-05 Improvement - Better License management
25-11-04 New feature - Send a Mazak data file from within Expand function
14-10-04 Bug Fix - Expand Mazatrol work numbers greater than 32767 now work correctly.

10-09-04 Multiselect feature to send many files (ie.Main Prog and Sub Progs) in one process
               (Use Shift and Control Keys to Multiselect files, Just like in Explorer)

16-08-04 Echo Feature added for PNC 4 CNC Control

Version 32.4.17
01-04-04 Fix - Configure Button was unavailable after minimised/restore of main window
15-03-04 New Remote function to search subfolders for requested file. Selects first file that matches.
19-02-03 Much improvement to messaging between CNCLINK & Remote Nodes

Version 32.4.15
13-11-03 Bug fix- If system was started twice and the message "Application Already Active" was displayed there was a danger of losing settings.
13-11-03 Some system defaults modified - CNCLINK.INI no longer part of installation - this means that a re-install does not destroy previous settings.

Version 32.4.14
07-11-03 Hasp Driver updated to v4.95
30-10-03 Added Remote Node for only copying files using barcode - copies file from edit path to send path. Ideal for networked CNC & provides barcode control of program distribution.
        *** Careful with the copy node - it deletes files at destination prior to copy (by design) ***
28-10-03 FTP Server fully integrated. Option to start server CNCLINK
FTP Files sent and received obey folders specified in CNCLINK settings however if there is a subfolder FTP of the send or receive folder then this is used.  This works in conjunction with Fanuc Data Server LGet LPut Routines.

Version 32.4.13
02-10-03 Fixed issue between fast computers and older CNC's could have lost last line of data thus not close session at m/c.
17-09-03 Heidenhain TNC Blockwise for remote node Free Protocol added
                Allows remote access using FE Mode on Heidenhain controls.

Version 32.4.12
21-08-03 Barcode printing of filenames with short extension (not 3 char) lost part of filename - fixed
18-08-03 printer now selectable for Barcode printing and Remote send print option added
16-08-03 Some work in CNC-Pad editor
                New feature - renumbering
                File extension restrictions removed
06-08-03 Trim from start and end of files now works in Remote.
06-08-03 Remote Automatic file name now has ability to set number of characters.
                This apples to numerical and text format names.
06-08-03 Output Buffer (Chunk) size and delay variables added
04-08-03 Mazatrol Baud rate sometimes reverted to 4800 - fixed.
11-06-03 Fixed - If you don't upgrade settings when moving from V32.1.x
                         you may have been prompted next time, until you agree.

Version 32.4.11
05-06-03 CNCLINK version now written to ini file
05-06-03 FTP Server added into install package (for Fanuc Data Server)
                (At the moment FTP Server is a separate program but will be integrated in V32.4.14)
03-06-03 Mazak File mask limitations removed (fixes a minor issue with T+ Expand)
18-04-03 Burny Remote module brought upto date and is fully operational using Burny CE Mode.

Version 32.4.10
01-04-03 We moved so contact details have changed within CNCLINK
19-02-03 Added ability to save settings from top menu without closing software.

Version 32.4.9
14-02-03 Fix Multiselect of files problem with File management when using real files not the cross ref list.
13-02-03 Fix problem with Mazatrol receiving after receiving from another machine type that uses 'Wait for Xon'

Version 32.4.8
06-02-03 *** Fix for problem with Mazatrol. Looks like file is received but nothing is stored in the file, Problem was introduced with 32.4.6 Temp files ***
06-02-03 Minor Fix for Mazatrol file extensions (did not alter until restarted.)
06-02-03 Fix for timing issue with Mazak transfer (applied to T-4 only)
22-01-03 Changes to File Management Form. Buttons are no longer disabled depending on paths selected. Top level folder (leftmost) now uses Edit Files Path.

Version 32.4.7
13-01-03 Fix prompt to upgrade 'everytime' CNCLINK V4 starts.
09-01-03 Improvements to trim startup and shutdown time to a minimum.

Version 32.4.6
13-11-02 Now uses a temporary file for received data
Only overwrites an existing file if data is received.
Trim off start and end of files added.
Translate function fully operational.
Fixed error when cancelling receiving before any text received.

Version 32.4.5
23-10-02 Search Mask field added to File Management & C (clear) button
22-10-02 Delete button added to first list on file management form
21-10-02 Barcode cross ref list now uses ever incrementing numbers

Version 32.4.4
09-10-02 Delay 1/10 sec following receiving Xon (new PCs too fast for CNC's)
17-09-02 Bug fix to print selected barcodes only instead of all list.

Version 32.4.3
08-08-02 File management window is now resizable
31-07-02 File management folders now select on single click
16-07-02 File Management changed to cope with Cross ref lists.
Printing barcodes modified for cross reference list option
Cross reference system enabled to shorten barcodes.
16-07-02 Edit button on File Manage to edit multiple files
06-07-02 *Multiselect switched on Send Dialogue but Not Yet Available.

Version 32.4.2
26-06-02 *Translate in and out now enabled (not fully tested yet)
20-06-02 File paths checked on change of Machine and press of File Manage
19-06-02 Startup speed improvement
Creates log subfolder on startup if required
17-06-02 Barcode printing enabled from File Management window
15-06-02 File Management form added to allow easy copying and archivng to and from send and return folders.
25-04-02 Any delays before sending are not activated until CTS & DTR are high
10-04-02 A temporary file now receives the data and the selected file is NOT created or overwritten if no data arrives.(Standard comms only)
08-04-02 Trim file when receiving (Standard comms only)
07-04-02 Bug fix in sending codes - Applies to sending number characters
07-04-02 Restart button added to send form
05-04-02 Next Line text box added to send form
Internal mods to Progress bar on sending form
04-02-02 New Configure form implimented
02-02-02 Timeout on receive data enabled (Fully Tested 07-04-02)
03-01-02 Remote option for Fanuc Data Server added (Splitting files only) Not FTP yet
02-07-01 Codes field to Loop or Terminate added to Sending Operation
11-06-01 2nd Download Command for Offsets and/or Parameters c/w path for 2nd command
08-06-01 Translate Code function implimented
Changes to the way internal timing delays are handled to improve multitasking
Now Hides Expand Button if not Mazatrol protocol
30-05-01 Many variables added for remote access & Barcode
24-05-01 Configure variables added for separate File Extensions for send,receive,edit

Version 32.2.8
12-01-01 v32.2.8 Password form added to allow ****** when typing passwords also no longer case sensitive for passwords.
09 01-01 Suffix option added for remote filenames.

Version 32.2.7
21-09-00 Autoname format variable added for remote.
17-09-00 Tab order and selected text boxes sorted within Configuration Section.
01-08-00 Fapt Storage tested and fixed

Version 32.2.5
03-07-00 Fapt Storage implemented requires testing

Version 32.2.4
12-06-00 Buglet fix for closing T4U comms session

Version 32.2.3
12-06-00 Counter in mazatrol comms corrected (only affected V32.2.1 & V32.2.2)
Mazatrol M-2 Expand Description blanked on screen correctly.
16-05-00 More improvements to resizing of forms.

Version 32.2.2
13-05-00 AutoName added for wandering remote files

Version 32.2.1
04-02-00 Remote module integrated (ISO style only)
Security Key to control Qty of simultaneous accesses by remote node
If key is not set for remote then 1 remote can be used.
Improvement to thru-put speed of data (more than doubles thru-output)
Some remote variables added but not yet functional.
Improvements to main form resizing
Remote buttons added

Version 32.1.10
Changes to email and telephone numbers on software

Version 32.1.9
08-09-99 Mods for Fusion 8 digit work numbers
Filename on title of Expand form
25-08-99 Mazak Baud rate unlocked
24-08-99 Mazak Fusion 640M Description 48 characters fixed
Mazak T+ Description extended to 16 characters
14-08-99 Mazak Fusion 640T added (not hex)
Mazak Fusion 640M added
10-08-99 Browse of paths is automated in 2 & 3rd boxes (obsolete Feb2000 V2)
17-04-99 accessible Com ports increased to 99 from 16(20)
Fix for Background colour of CNCLINK Main Page sorted.

Version 32.1.8
03-12-98 Can now use files with no extension (None added to File Ext list)

Version 32.1.7
Rewrite of lots of code to minimise memory use etc
07-10-98 Now with 32 different setups not 16
13-09-98 Expand Descriptions for Mazak T4U sorted
12-09-98 Expand Descriptions for Mazak M+ sorted
03-09-98 Title of Send & Receive box now shows machine name
ALPHA Mode START word now NOT case sensitive

Version 32.1.6
04-08-98 Special BTR 1 protocol added for 3rd Party BTR Unit
30-07-98 Text windows added in send and recv forms

Version 32.1.5
28-06-98 Alpha protocol added for integrating with AlphaCAM

Version 32.1.4
20-06-98 Mazak M-1 & T-1 comms corrected!
06-06-98 Minimise error corrected
02-06-98 File Extension Variable added

Version 32/16.1.3
Includes mazatrol comms for M2,T4,T+ not T1 or M1 yet
16 Bit Version for Win 3.1x only

Version 32.1.2
32 bit versions Mazak & Fapt not functional - cosmetic changes only

Version 32.1.1
First release only 32 bit for ISO type data only

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